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Sometimes i get carried away with snapchat

this needs to be seen by everyone right now

this is freaking beautiful

Why do you have bugs framed in your house

Because people collect insects and put the in frames, which if you ask me is more interesting (and respectable) than hunting trophies.

Actually my mom just likes butterflies tbh

how to snap chat ^


Marvel Comics is making Thor a woman.  From Time Magazine:

TIME: How do you think this will impact fans who have been with the male version of Thor for such a long time?

Jason Aaron, writer of the Thor series: If you’re a long-time Thor fan you know there’s kind of a tradition from time to time of somebody else picking up that hammer. Beta Ray Bill was a horse-faced alien guy who picked up the hammer. At one point Thor was a frog. So I think if we can accept Thor as a frog and a horse-faced alien, we should be able to accept a woman being able to pick up that hammer and wield it for a while, which surprisingly we’ve never really seen before.

Time: Marvel Comics Writers Explain Why They’re Making Thor a Woman



THE NINE CHOIRS OF HEAVEN.  An info-graphic for my editorial class and god am I thankful it’s done.  Way too much went into this than what I had time for, but hey… I actually kind of like it?

Now excuse me, I must return to my fashion major lifestyle and go sew a coat u_u

EDIT:  Re-uploaded with easier viewing! 

I’M CRYING THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL COMPLIMENTS AND WORDS OF ADVICE.  You’re all so sweet and great and just thank you this took forever <3

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